Premier shisha, cocktails and games - El Ancla - C'an Pastilla's unique bar

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An Invitation with a warm welcome

We are closing for vacations and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year
Best wishes from the el ancla team.

The team at El Ancla would like to invite you to an unforgettable experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  A totally unique bar, the secret of El Ancla's original and atmospheric ambience lies in the blending of diverse cultural influences.  

El Ancla is famed for its relaxed vibe, good music, cocktails, Shisha, infusions and games.  This is the perfect place to relax in an air conditioned, stylish bar, close to the marina.

El Ancla provides the perfect spot summer and winter.  In the summer the air-conditioning keeps you cool against the soaring temperatures outside.  The warm and cozy environment generated by our staff and patrons in winter encourages you to lounge around in comfort on our bohemian seating.

Unique among the multitude of bars in Mallorca,  El Ancla offers original Shisha in an authentic environment, its own style of Cocktails and a tapas menu influenced by a variety of cultures.

Whether on your own, meeting up with a group friends or out for a romantic night, there is seating to suit all, either in the main bar, on the terrace or in our secluded garden offering intimate cabana seating.

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